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Pitbull Dog Pictures

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Pitbull Dog Pictures #1. White Pitbull dog laid down on a carpet floor. #2. Gangster Pitbull dog in sunglasses and bandanna posing in front of fire stove. #3. The coolest picture of a Pitbull dog underwate...

Guinness World Record for Oldest Dog

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The Guinness World Record for the Oldest Dog Name: Bluey Age: 29 years and 5 months old From: Victoria, Australia We often ask people who reach a 100 years of age, what their secret to long life is. The Guinn...

Harley Chihuahua Brothers

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Harley Chihuahua Brothers Cool Chihuahua brothers in black leather outfit and sunglasses letting paparazzi take their photos. Cream Chihuahua

Toy Dog Drives a Car

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  Toy Dog Drives a Car I'm one of the slowest drivers on the road. I mosey along. If you're doing anything too fast, including living life too fast, that creates sudden death. If I have to be somewhere on t...

Ready to see the world?

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Ready to see the world? "You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi Dog in goggles.

House Guard French Bulldog

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House Guard French Bulldog A French Bulldog guarding the house at the gate entrance. Such a sunny day! He can't open his eyes. Cream French Bulldog.

Labrador Retriever in Sunglasses

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Labrador Retriever in Sunglasses Cool Labrador Retriever in blue and purple sunglasses.

It’s About Being Alive and Feisty

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It's About Being Alive and Feisty It's about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up even though people would like you to. - Pink, singer. P!nk Black and tank Doberman barking aggressive o...

Rapper Dog Boxer

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Rapper Dog Boxer A Boxer in red hoodie grumpy. Can he rap? Brindle Boxer

Dog in Army Tank

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Dog in Army Tank Chihuahua in an army tank. Handmade army tank costume.

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